ACAOM Associate Director Dr. John Cooper Retires

ACAOM Associate Director Dr. John Cooper has retired from the Commission staff, effective October 15.  John has been involved with the AOM profession for more than twenty years, including 15 years as an ACAOM site visitor and chair; service as the Board Chair of an ACAOM accredited school; and election as a public member of the Commission in May, 2010.  He joined the ACAOM staff in April, 2013.

John earned his Ed.D. in 1995 from Harvard University and also earned a Master of Public Administration from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and an MA and BA from Wake Forest University.  He has had extensive academic experience, most recently as an Associate Professor of Management at the Wentworth Institute of Technology.

The Commissioners and Commission staff all express their heartfelt appreciation for John’s service, and best wishes for all of his future pursuits.