Standards and Criteria

ACAOM Accreditation Manual

THIS DOCUMENT IS CURRENTLY BEING REVIEWED AND REFORMATTED; CHANGES WILL BE EDITORIAL AND CORRECTIVE, NOT SUBSTANTIVE.  General eligibility requirements, standards, and criteria for master’s level and postgraduate doctoral programs and institutions.  

Accreditation Standards for the First Professional Doctorate

Forms and Applications

Substantive Change Application: First Distance Education Course

Use this application to submit a substantive change request for offering a first distance education course within an ACAOM-accredited program.  [Rev. November 12, 2016]  Be sure to reference the ACAOM Distance Education Policy for detailed information regarding the policy and guidelines for distance education courses.

Change notification form

Use this form to begin the process of notifying ACAOM of non-substantive or substantive changes.  [Rev. Nov. 15, 2016]  Be sure to reference the ACAOM Notification of Change Policy for detailed information regarding each category and element of change.

First-professional doctorate (FPD) substantive change application

This application form is currently under review, to reflect recent Commission deliberations and decisions.  Please contact staff if you are contemplating submission of an application.

Self-study application cover sheet

Complete this cover sheet and related materials and enclose with your self-study report (initial and continuing accreditation).

Submission Instructions

Guidelines for electronic submission of self-studies, reports, notifications and other documents.

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ACAOM Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics Guide

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form