Here are some questions that have been asked by Institutions in the past. The accreditation process can be confusing and take a long time. If you have a question that isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to contact ACAOM for further assistance.

Q: How long does it take to attain accreditation?
A: There are many steps in the application process toward Candidacy and the subsequent steps toward initial accreditation. THose steps are described on the "Get Accredited" web page.

Q: Who is on the Accreditation Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine?
A: The Commission is comprised of 11 members: 2 administrator, 2 academic, 2 educator, 2 practitioner, 2 public, and 1 At-large.

Q:  Why does my institution and/or program need accreditation?
A: There are many benefits to becoming an accredited institution/program. The most obvious is that your school and/or program is peer reviewed and national standards of the profession are applied to your school. This status communicates to the public and students that the institution or program has met those statndards.

In addition, institutional accreditation can be used for your school to establish eligibility for Federal Title IV funds.

Q. What types of fees are associated with ACAOM accreditation process?
A: Each of the accreditation processes has set fees. If you go to the Governing Documents of  this web site  and select the button “Fees”,  you will have the complete fee schedule for each of the various accreditation processes..

Q. Does Candidacy expire?
A.Yes. Candidacy is granted for 3 years and may be extended by the Commission, upon request of the school, for a maximum of two 1-year periords. In accordance with USDE regulation and ACAOM policy, Candidacy does not continue beyond five (5) years.

Q. Does accreditation expire?
A. No, but all accredited schools/programs must undergo periodic comprehensive review (self study report and on-site reivew) as specified by ACAOM. The maximum period between comprehensive reviews is 7 years.

Q. How will we be notified of our accreditation status?
A. ACAOM meets twice a year in the winter and the summer. Accreditation actions are taken at those meetings. Your institution will receive a formal Action Letter  from the Commission informing you of your school’s accreditation status.

Q. What if I don’t agree with my school’s accreditation action letter? Can my school appeal?
A: The Commission's reconsideration and appeal processes are the exclusive procedures available for review and re-examination of the following Commission actions: denial of Candidacy or initial Accreditation, withdrawal of Candidacy or Accreditation, Probationary Candidacy or Probationary Accreditation.

A letter specifying any of the above official actions of the Commission shall be sent to the Chief Executive Officer of the institution and shall include a notice to the program of the right to request reconsideration or appeal of the Commission's action. A request for reconsideration must be made before an appeal is filed. An appeal may not be made without first exhausting the Commission's reconsideration procedures..