Get Accredited - Maintaining Data

Maintaining Data

Accreditation of an institution or program takes into consideration many aspects of the institution and/or program.  If some of the specifics of the institution/program change after accreditation is granted, ACAOM needs to be aware of these changes in order to evaluate any potential adverse impact on the accreditation status.  In some instances, the change to the institution or program is minor and has little to no impact on the accreditation status that was granted.  In other instances, the change would be considered material by ACAOM and would need ACAOM review and approval to maintain accreditation.  It is the responsibility of the institution or program to alert ACAOM of any such changes in the manner and timeline outlined in the ACAOM Policies and Procedures manual. 

Specifically, there are different types of changes to or about an institution or program.  They include:

  1. Substantive Changes:  These are changes that would have a material impact on the Candidacy/accreditation granted for an institution or program.  Substantive changes may not be initiated by the program prior to the program's receiving approval from ACAOM and all substantive changes need to be communicated to ACAOM prior to their implementation at the institution or program; but the amount of advanced notification varies based on the nature of the change.  In extraordinary circumstances ACAOM may permit notification in less than the applicable notice period.  Additionally, ACAOM may also, for good reason, require that the program suspend implementation of the change pending ACAOM action. See Policies and Procedures Handbook section 1.14.2 for Candidacy programs and section 2.14.2 for accredited programs for a list of Substantive changes
  2. Non-Substantive Changes:  These types of changes generally do not require prior notice to the Commission, but must be reported to the Commission with full and complete supporting documentation within 30 days of the implementation at the institution or program.  See Policies and Procedures Handbook section 1.14.1 for Candidacy programs and section 2.14.1 for accredited programs for a list of Non-substantive changes.