Resources and Documents

Accreditation Standards and Criteria

ACAOM Accreditation Manual

THIS DOCUMENT IS CURRENTLY BEING REVIEWED AND REFORMATTED; CHANGES WILL BE EDITORIAL AND CORRECTIVE, NOT SUBSTANTIVE.  General eligibility requirements, standards, and criteria for master’s level and postgraduate doctoral programs and institutions.  

Accreditation Standards for the First Professional Doctorate (PDF, 49 pages, 312kb)

Forms and Applications

Substantive Change Application: First Distance Education Course

Use this application to submit a substantive change request for offering a first distance education course within an ACAOM-accredited program.  [Rev. November 12, 2016]

ACAOM Distance Education Policy

ACAOM policy regarding distance education.  Effective Oct. 17, 2016; replaces ACAOM Distance Education policy statement approved in 2014. [Rev. Oct. 30, 2016]

Change notification form (PDF, 1 page, 120kb)

Use this form to begin the process of notifying ACAOM of non-substantive or substantive changes.  [Rev. Nov. 15, 201C

First-professional doctorate (FPD) substantive change application (DOCX, 10 pages, 110kb)

Use this to submit a substantive change application for a first-professional doctoral program. Carefully read the instructions to be sure that your institution meets all the criteria for submission.

Self-study application cover sheet (DOCX, 15 pages, 134kb)

Complete this cover sheet and related materials and enclose with your self-study report (initial and continuing accreditation).

Governing and Operational Documents

By-Laws of the Commission (PDF, 9 pages, 82kb)

Dues and Fees Schedule (PDF, 6 pages, 198kb)


The Commission accepts and reviews complaints about ACAOM-accredited or candidate programs and institutions from students, faculty, staff, other institutions or programs and member(s) of the public that allege violations of ACAOM Eligibility Requirements, standards, criteria, policies or procedures.

Complaint form (DOCX, 2 pages, 79kb)

Complete the complaint form, carefully following the instructions, and return the form and any supporting documentation either via surface mail or Email as indicated.