Standards and Criteria

Comprehensive Standards and Criteria [January 2019]

Index page of ACAOM Comprehensive Standards and Criteria for ACAOM-accredited institutions and programs

Self-Study Resources

Self-Study Guide [for self-study process and preparation]

Document Submission Instructions

 The following cover sheets are for use when submitting a Self-Study Report to ACAOM:

Self-Study Report Cover Sheet – Part 1 [all program types]

Self-Study Report Cover Sheet – Part 2 [master’s level; Chinese herbology certificates; professional doctorate (PD)]

Position Papers

ACAOM issues position papers from time to time, regarding issues or questions of interest to accredited/pre-accredited programs and institutions.  Position papers are not official statements of the Commission, and do not supersede ACAOM policies, standards, criteria or other official documents.

AOM Bachelor’s Degrees [24 January 2018]

English language courses and programs [15 February 2018]

Faculty Clarification [26 October 2018]

Guidelines for Developing Certificate Programs [17 April 2019]

Multi-Purpose Institution Clarification [14 November 2017]

Professional Doctorate Admissions [11 April 2019]

Recognition of Foreign Qualifications [14 November 2017]

Site Visitor / Site Visit Resources

ACAOM Site Visit Manual [for institutions and site visitors] [rev. Jan.
25, 2018]

ACAOM Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics Guide [rev. Feb 16, 2019]

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Checklist