The following Policies have been adopted by the Commission:


ACAOM Mission Statement

29 Apr 2019ViewDownload

ACAOM Values Statement

16 Feb 2019ViewDownload

ACAOM 2025 Vision Statement

16 Feb 2019ViewDownload

ACAOM Glossary

11 Dec 2018ViewDownload

Access to School Data

30 Oct 2016ViewDownload

Accreditation Procedures

22 Jan 2019ViewDownload

Branch Campus

29 Oct 2016ViewDownload

Change in Mission, Legal Status, Ownership, or Form of Control

9 Jun 2017ViewDownload

Commission Actions

30 Mar 2019ViewDownload


27 Nov 2018ViewDownload

Conflict of Interest and Disclosure

18 Aug 2016ViewDownload

Degree Structure and Naming Convention

29 Mar 2019ViewDownload

Distance Education

14 Jan 2019ViewDownload

Document Management

28 Oct 2016ViewDownload

Fees and Dues

5 Dec 2018ViewDownload

Integrity in the Accreditation Process

25 May 2017ViewDownload

Legal Costs and Obligations

27 Mar 2018ViewDownload

Notification of Change

20 Oct 2018ViewDownload

On-Site Observers

3 Feb 2017ViewDownload

Public Disclosure

21 Feb 2018ViewDownload

Recognition of Graduates

11 Aug 2018ViewDownload

Reporting to the U.S. Secretary of Education

17 Jul 2017ViewDownload

Site Visitors

14 Nov 2017ViewDownload

Standards Review

29 Oct 2018ViewDownload


8 Jan 2018ViewDownload


14 Nov 2017ViewDownload

Whistleblower and Non-Retaliation

26 Sep 2017ViewDownload

Document Submission Instructions